Kegworth-based world-leading engineering firm Slack & Parr stronger and more resilient following industry acquisition

The Managing Director of Kegworth-based engineering firm Slack & Parr – a world leader in the manufacture of precision metering pumps – says that becoming part of a larger engineering group has made the company stronger and more resilient.

Speaking two months after the firm was acquired by Hayward Tyler Fluid Handling, a subsidiary of international engineering company Avingtrans, Slack & Parr Managing Director Edward Barrington explained that the move means it is now able to make strategic investments in its manufacturing equipment and processes that will lead to enhanced business performance and product delivery.

“Joining the Avingtrans group of companies has enabled us to secure the employment of 100 highly skilled and valued staff and our entire management team who are now leading the next phase of our evolution,” says Edward Barrington.

“Becoming part of a larger engineering group means that we are stronger, more agile and more resilient than we were before. The deal gives us the resources to invest in our manufacturing operations in ways that make us more efficient and faster to adapt to the changing needs of the markets we serve.

“The speed with which the deal with Avingtrans was completed meant that we were able to continue manufacturing and fulfilling customer orders without disruption throughout the acquisition process, and this has been fundamental for us in retaining our all elements of our business.

“Together, we’re confident we can build on our heritage of precision engineering and consolidate our position at the forefront of the pump industry for decades to come.”

Founded in 1917, Slack & Parr is the global market leader in the manufacture and supply of high precision gear metering pumps, rotary hydraulic flow dividers and industrial dosing pumps. The company’s high-accuracy fluid metering pumps are used by the international manmade fibre market to manufacture high-quality yarns and textiles including acrylic, polyester, nylon, spandex, aramid, carbon fibre and composites.

“Our global reputation has been built over many decades of delivering products of the highest quality, reliability, and technical efficiency,” says Edward Barrington.

“Our commitment and ability to supply our customers with the most accurate precision metering pumps in the world remains unchanged; our focus now is how we can continue to achieve the best possible technical results for our customers while improving the speed and efficiency of our manufacturing operations.”

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