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From our initial venture in 1917, Slack & Parr has stood the test of time and progressed to become a market leader in high precision engineering, supplying gear metering pumps and rotary flow dividers, across the UK and worldwide.

We are a group of companies with a core interest in the manufacture of components for a variety of industries. Our advanced technology and commitment to quality and service has set us apart from others in our field.

Our experience with some of the world's leading companies has secured our position within the industry.

Slack and Parr's Journey

1917 Formation of Slack and Parr Limited
1917 Established sub-contract to Rolls Royce (Aerospace)
1932 Established sub-conteact to Rolls Royce (Automotive)
1946 First successful gear metering pump manufactured.
1948 Slack and Parr Marine established
1966 Production facilities established in Northern Ireland (Enniskillen)
1970 First overseas Slack and Parr agent
1974 Established S&P Machine Tools
1976 Inauguration of Slack and Parr Inc (USA)
1978 Established S&P Hydraulics division
1988 Dedicated customer repair facility for specific clients
1999 Service centre established in Taiwan
2002 Service centre in Mexico established
2005 Service centre established in China
2011 Expansion of Slack and Parr China sales and service centre
2013 Expansion of the S&P Inc (USA) facilities
2017 Slack and Parr 100 Year Centinary (100 Years)
2017 Further expansion of Slack and Parr Sales and Service Centre in China


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